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Bartolo Farmhouses

Gozo Adventure

Many people refer to Gozo as “what Malta used to be like”: A rural area where time just seems to pass a little slower than in most other places. However, there are many things to do on Gozo. It could be in the could be in times of old, it could be in today’s times, it could be a maddening crowd having fun at a local event, it could be? Gozo is a masterpiece wrought by nature and shaped by thousands of years of culture. Myth and reality meet here on what is believed to have been the Isle of Calypso in Homer’s Odyssey, and Odysseus  was an adventurer. 

These boots were made

For Walking

Walk the walk, and if with more, then talk the talk too. The walks can be hours long travelling the coast with its high cliffs, or the walkways that lead to a swimming place, or through fields with fruit and tress, a village, and down the valley to a once old fishermen's village where you can sit down enjoy the view and eat.

The blues calls you

It's the Sea

The sea around Gozo with its deep blues are enchanting and call you to it. Is it a nice swim, resting in the sand or on the rocks, is it the deep that takes your fancy with scuba diving the blue hole or a sunken boat, or airplane, a boat ride, or maybe just to gaze upon it with a drink in hand is perfect. Its your call, the sea awaits you.

The sounds and colours of

Bustling Events

Enjoy a traditional Maltese/Gozitan village feast, or take in an exhibition, or a music concert, among other arranged happenings of interest. When one wishes there is a fast ferry to Malta directly to Valletta, where there more to do, a Jazz Festival every year bring well renowned musicians to the Island.

Step the minds of

The Knights of Malta

The picturesque capital of Gozo, Victoria (called Rabat in Maltese), has been sitting atop its mighty hill since Neolithic times, and is located in the center of the island. The Citadella is the main attraction in Victoria. This fortified city was recently fully renovated, and offers a great 360° view over the surrounding countryside, villages, the sea and up to Malta. The view from the ramparts is really more than worth it!

The Legend of

Fungus Rock

Fungus Rock is located at the entrance of Dwejra bay. The legend says Knights Hospitaller discovered a special kind of fungus on this rock. Believed to have incredible medicinal properties, only nobles could benefit from the fungus. Such a precious plant had to be protected, so access to the rock was restricted.

Travel Time in the

Ġgantija Temple

The prehistoric Ġgantija Temple, constructed between 3600 and 3200 B.C, is one of the most fascinating Gozo landmarks. Visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site is like stepping back in time. The chambers of the temple are older than the Pyramids of Egypt and is definitely a to do on your trip to Gozo.

A Hidden Gem is the

Salt Pans

The picturesque 3km stretch of man-made pools filled with glistening salt crystals, a mosaic-like pattern of salt pans are beautiful to look at and fun to explore. They are a big part of the Gozitans’ everyday life. Locals have been harvesting Gozitan sea salt here for over 350 years.

To Film or Not to


A number of big-budget film productions were shot in Malta and Gozo. In the first series of Game of Thrones, the Azure Window (a natural rock formation which unfortunately collapsed in 2017) featured in the backdrop of some of the more memorable scenes.

With alot more to see and do, Gozo awaits your visit. Enjoy!
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