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The island of Gozo lies in the Mediterranean about 100 km away from the south coast of Sicily.

Through-out its ever-changing history, influenced by the most diverse peoples and cultures, the islands of Malta and Gozo have developed their own unmistakeable character.

Gozo has its stillness for those who look to escape from the hussle and bustle, and has a pulse of life that is sure please eventful needs.

and its History

Gozo was the first inhabited of the Maltese Islands as it is closest to Sicily where the first inhabitors came from around 5000 BC.


Ggantija temple is documented as the oldest free-standing structure.

The stratigic position of the Islands with its large natural harbour was an open invitation to be in many wars.

Through its violent history the people have kept good heart and humour.

Gozo Aquaduct and the Azur Window
Citadela on Gozo Malta

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